Class 2020 — New Member Announcement

Last year we launched Generation Z Investment Club (“Z Club”) with 22 students. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot together. We organized an online investment education session, ran several investment case studies, managed their own portfolios, wrote newsletters and met with incredibly talented and experienced investment managers, who shared with us their life lessons. Despite challenges for our members locating in 4 different cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Singapore), our members enjoyed both online and offline interactions and collaborations. We also invited Team Icho, which won the first Z Cup, to the Invest Your Life Trip in Hong Kong where they had opportunities to meet great investors.

This year we decided to be more adventurous by inviting 21 new members from 7 different cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, London and New York). With two members promoted as mentors and one member withdrawn, Z Club today now consists of 40-strong members from six different countries (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Morocco, Lebanon and Myanmar). We don’t discriminate students by their academic background, but all students are from prestigious universities around the world.

We are truly thrilled by the new and existing members. They will be the next generation investors and thought leaders. Thank you very much for your continuous interests and supports on Z Club. We look forward to delivering more and more exciting news of our activities!

“The most exciting thing about joining Z Club is the opportunity to manage my own portfolio. This is an ideal community to appreciate value investing.”

KONG Soon Lee, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, Team Spring

“I’m looking forward to expanding my network through Z Club and meeting more like-minded peers!”

Jared Lim, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Team Spring

“I don’t have any investment experience, but I can’t wait to learn with my friends and start my own investment!“

Silver Huang, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, Team Veritas

“I very much agree with Z Club’s motto: Invest Your Life. I look forward to learning about investment together!”

Frank Huang, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (Shanghai Jiaotong University), Shanghai, Team Philosophy

“In the past, my investment was more macro-based and less fundamental-based; I look forward to learning more about fundamental investments at Z Club.”

Rocky Lu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, Team GenBridge

“My previous internship experience is debt-investment related, so I know very little about equity. I want to improve my analytical skills at Z Club.”

June Tan, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, Team Spring

“I’m very interested in the logic of investment and that was the reason I joined Z Club. I want to gain more professional perspectives.”

WONG Zhi Hang, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Team Spring

“I have experiences in investing in Hong Kong stocks, but it is not enough. I want to gain more knowledge with Z Club.”

Lynn Bo, Beijing, Team Femme Fatale

“In terms of my future career development, I’m very interested in equity investment and I always hope to create social value. Investing is one of the most important ways to create value for the society.”

Janus Zhang, Tsinghua University, Beijing, Team Veritas

“I am looking forward to learning systematic knowledge about stock valuation and how to apply it in real life!”

Gerald Chia, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Team Arisaig

“Being able to communicate with industry experts is one of the most attractive reasons to join Z Club!”

Sichong Cao, Tsinghua University, Beijing, Team GenBridge

“I hope to communicate with like-minded friends and industry experts through Z Club.”

Carol He, Fudan University, Shanghai, Team Philosophy

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting more partners who have the same passion for investment!”

See Mun Chan, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Team Spring

“I used to feel ‘lonely’ about investing because I have nobody to talk about it. Now, I am very happy to join this family. I hope I can find a breakthrough and gain new knowledge with Z Club!”

Jason Xiao, Imperial College London, London, Team Femme Fatale

“Hope to learn more about value investing!”

Clover Wang, Tsinghua University, Beijing, Team Star Magnolia

“In addition to gaining more knowledge, I’m very excited about the opportunity to manage our own portfolio!”

LIM Zheng Xiang, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Team Arisaig

“The systematic courses and portfolio management experience provided by Z Club are very exciting.”

Yuke Li, Peking University, Beijing, Team Philosophy

“I have some experiences in A-share market, but I wish to expand my scope!”

Elsa Xu, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Team Icho

“I want to learn more about investing!”

Alaedine Belhouari, Columbia University, New York, Team Atlas

“I am going to make the first investment in my life!”

Mossen Dalloul, Columbia University, New York, Team Atlas

“Z Club is very diversified. I’m looking forward to communicating with new friends of different backgrounds and countries!”

Saad Sebti, Columbia University, New York, Team Atlas



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